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Creating and
Adding Values
Spectacore is a product from PT Indonesia Royal Paper, a subsidiary of PT Indonesia Royal Resources which operates under Indoprima Group Business Unit. PT Indonesia Royal Resources engages in waste recycling which focuses on sustainable environmental preservation.

PT Indonesia Royal Resources has contributed in recycling since 1988, starting with metal waste management. The establishment of PT Indonesia Royal Paper marks the group’s expansion and new unit of business diversification which is recycled paper industry.

To add new functional value on waste paper, Spectacore processes selected waste paper by paying attention to its fiber contents, to produce semi-finished goods called core board paper. The guaranteed quality enables Spectacore to produce high-quality advanced products such as core tube, packaging tube, paper pallet, and other materials.

With machine capacity of 105,000 MT/year and roll width of 4.5 meters, PT Indonesia Royal Paper are able to produce high quality products with grammature of 350-500 gsm and internal bonding strength of 300-500 J/m2. These specifications enables Spectacore products to be processed further into finished goods that are thinner, lighter, yet strong, which leads to enhanced effectiveness and efficiency for the production of finished goods as well as the quality of the end products.

PT Indonesia Royal Paper is sustained by human resources with significant experience and knowledge in paper industry, which make sure all procedures are carried out professionally and in a high quality manner. This has brought our product to be excellent in its levels, including product specifications and services provided.

Proper facilities and support from fast response professional team, makes Spectacore definitely a partner that supply stable and reliable supplies for a wide range of industries, both domestic and international scale.

Company Vision & Mission
To become a leading paper company that provides values to our customers, community, employees and shareholders - responsibly and sustainably
To develop and make good quality product with modern technology efficiently and deliver to customer on time, in environmentally friendly concept
To create new jobs opportunity, maintain human resource development sustainability, and contribute to society